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Decorate the Hallway to Make it More Interesting

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The hallway is often forgotten when decorating your home. The hallways are considered a simple passageway. However, with some creativity they can be transformed into an eye-catching feature of your home. Take a look at some creative ideas to transform your hallway. Keep reading to find out more about hallway decor.

We’ll start by talking about colors. Bold colours can bring life to a dull space. Imagine walking in a corridor with a vivid mustard yellow or teal. Sets the tone for all the other rooms in your house, giving visitors something interesting to discuss right away.

Next up, mirrors. You can use them for more than just checking your reflection when you are about to leave. Mirrors will make even the smallest hallway feel larger. They also reflect beautiful light. You can create an eclectic feel by hanging small mirrors that are different in size and shape.

Lighting is also a key element. Don’t settle for dull ceiling lighting; instead, opt for statement pieces. An elegant chandelier or pendant can create drama. If you want to add some modern flair, wall sconces are a great choice. They cast beautiful shadows.

Let’s get to some artwork. Because hallways are high-traffic zones, art will be viewed often. You can create a gallery by combining family photos and prints with artwork or paintings.

Flooring is also important! While protecting your floors, a patterned runner adds warmth and texture. You should choose a pattern that will complement your decor and wall color.

Also, storage is important if there are children or animals who tend to leave their things everywhere. Consider hooks on the wall for your bags and coats. A slim console table can be added with drawers where you keep keys and mail.

Why not add some furniture when you’re talking about tables? If you’re looking for seating that doesn’t take up much space, a bench with narrow legs is perfect. You can use it to change your shoes or sit down while getting ready. Consider adding a book shelf if space is available. You can use it as a functional shelf and also add character.

Even hallways benefit from plants. Indoors, low-light plants can thrive. Pothos and Snake plants are two examples. Save floor space by placing them on shelves and hanging them from the ceiling.

Also, textures are important. Think out of the box! Create interest by adding textured wallpaper to the walls below and smooth paint above. You can create visual depth with this technique without overwhelming your senses.

What if you could use your rugs differently? It’s a great idea to layer smaller rugs under larger rugs. This adds dimension, while also keeping the floor warm.

Do not forget scents. By strategically placing diffusers and candles, you can turn your hallway into an aromatic delight.

The last tip to remember is that seasonal d├ęcor keeps things interesting all year long without the need for major adjustments. Just think of fresh spring flowers and wreaths at holidays!

The cost of these ideas is not prohibitive. There are many choices at different prices so there’s something for everyone!

Do not hesitate, give those hallways that are often overlooked some love and implement one (or a few) of the fun decorating tricks! If you apply small but thoughtful improvements to this area, it will be amazing at the difference they make!