Mark O’Mara – The NYC Consultant who’s Changing Game

Imagine that you are a New York City-based business owner who is juggling multiple tasks. Suddenly you realize you’re lost in the maze that is corporate challenges. Mark O’Mara appears to be a consultant with the ability to turn chaos into order.


Mark isn’t just your average consultant. Imagine someone who could walk into a room filled with frazzled executives, and make them feel like they had just gotten a shot espresso of clarity. His secret sauce? It’s a blend of intuition and experience.

Sarah, as an example. She is a Brooklyn-based startup founder who was drowning in hiccups. Mark’s call changed everything. “It is like he knows exactly what I need,” she says with an amused grin. “He did not just offer solutions. He offered peace of heart.”

Mark is a unique businessman who can see through the fog of uncertainty that surrounds many decisions. He has an uncanny knack for identifying issues that others may overlook. Let’s face it, that’s priceless in NYC’s fast pace.

Mark’s approach is straightforward. There are no jargon-filled speeches or confusing charts. He talks with you like a good friend who is truly interested in helping. It is refreshing, particularly when you’re used consultants who are more interested in themselves than your issues.

Mark’s laid-back manner is deceptive. He’s a sharpie. He has probably been around the corner more times than he cares to admit.

Mark was able, for instance, to streamline a tech firm’s processes in a downtown mid-sized company so efficiently that the productivity of their employees increased by 30 percent within months. Tom, Tom the CEO of the firm says: “We were spinning wheels before he arrived.” “Now we’re cruising.”

Mark’s focus isn’t just on numbers; it’s also about people. Mark knows that people behind each spreadsheet and KPI try their best to get things done. This empathy comes through in all that he does.

Mark’s real strength is in his strategy. Mark has an arsenal of strategies that he can deploy in a flash, whether they are marketing tactics or financial plans.

Mark has some great insights about customer engagement strategies that are tailored to Jane’s niche.

Jane recalls, with wide-eyed amazement, that “before I knew it” we had not only retained clients but were also attracting them left and right. It was like switching from survival to growth mode.

A feather added to his cap? Mark is adaptable. He knows that today’s trends may not be the same tomorrow. He’s always one-step ahead and constantly refines his methods, based upon current data and emerging patterns.

Mark O’Mara will help you steer your ship to the right course.

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