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Lord Hanuman w/Sun Laptop Skin [Pre-Order]
Lord Hanuman w/Sun Laptop Skin [Pre-Order]
Lord Hanuman w/Sun Laptop Skin [Pre-Order]

Lord Hanuman w/Sun Laptop Skin [Pre-Order]

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Ready to give your old laptop a new makeover?
Enter, the all new MyDoodlesAteMe Laptop Skins! 

These super vibrant skins feature beautifully hand drawn original MyDoodlesAteMe illustrations, digitally printed on super thin Premium Polyester Vinyl and then Matte Laminated, making them scratch-resistant and water-proof. Plus, they are super duper easy (and fun) to apply (see last picture), easy to remove and residue-free! 

How to Apply:
- Lay your new laptop skin print-side-down on a clean, flat surface
- Place your laptop upside-down on the back of this skin (adjust placement to exactly how you prefer)
- Once happy with the placement, carefully trace a line on the sheet around the laptop with a pencil or marker
- Put aside the laptop and cut the laptop skin along the line you have drawn
- Clean the surface of your laptop thoroughly, making sure there's no grease, dust or moisture left
- Peel away the back of the skin and stick carefully on the clean laptop surface
- Enjoy your now makeover-ed pretty pretty laptop!

Size & Usage:
- Maximum size ~ 16.5" x 11.7" (full sheet)
- Suitable for laptops/surfaces up to 16" x 11" (or any size below that)
- Can also be used on any other non-porous, smooth, flat surface (plastic, glass, metal, etc)

Material: Premium Polyester Vinyl, Matte-Laminated

Ships in: 2-3 Days after pre-order ends