Sunday, January 22, 2012

A silent night

Looking towards the sky tonight
The endless inky river
Might I ask
Or might I not
Will you answer
My questions, my thoughts?
Those massive dust balls
Or plain old stars,
Are they really someone’s dreams,
Someone’s wishes come true,
Or do they sit up there
Winking from that black expanse
Just to twinkle and tease
Then dissolve with the hues?
Are dreams really for real
Or mere stories spun out
To kill boredom,
To make hope
Then break hope?
Do wishes really come true
Or are they another one of those tricks
To sew up broken hearts,
Have them entrapped,
Then broken again?

So, might I ask
Or might I not
Will you answer
My questions, my thoughts?
Or just stare at me,
Through the silent night
As you always do
Like you’re always right…


  1. Nice nice! Dunno much abt its nice

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  3. Wow beauitfully penned the dichotomy of dreams and reality...:)

  4. incredible:)

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  6. hiiiii.....Aparna

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